CamassCrete Series
Low Profile Cable Management Access Floor System

CamassCrete Series

CS1000W systems are continuous improvement on CamassCrete product lines. The new Flank Caps securely interlock on the grooves at four sides of UniPanel (main panel).

The patented Cable Trench system, a continuous grid-form cable trenches throughout the floor plan, provides free accessibility to users and maximum capacity for network's cable distribution and extension. The unique invention
Socket-Set-Screw system contributes super-low installation at FFH (finish floor height) from 60 mm down to 40 mm, which traditional access floors are not capable to install.
Users Friendly
Reticulated Cable Trench System: Grid-form Cable Trench system provides cable runway of inside width 110 mm (4.33”) within every 600 mm. The trench caps are easily lifted and accessible by access floor installers, network technicians, and office users.
Low-Profile, least sacrifice ceiling height:
Super low profile at 40 mm ~ 60 mm ( 1.57” ~ 2.36”) while still facilitate high cable capacity running inside the Cable Trenches.
Stability: The self-stand UniPanels (main panel) is structured with 4 pedestals at four corner of the panel. The UniPanels, with four built-in pedestals, are standing independently. In the event of earthquake or unusual strong impact, the system will not be collapsed.
Safety, No hazard: During re-routing or re-location, the technicians or office users just lift the Cable Trench caps by hand. If the site was installed with traditional access floor, the user has to use mechanic tools, such as panel lifter, to lift the panel. Each steel cementitious or calcium sulphate structured access panel is normally weighted 12 to 15 kg (26 to 33 lb) per piece and it is not safe to operate by office people and may cause hazard.
Infinite flexibility and cost effectively
Easy routing and extension of cables: Through Cable Trenches, power, data and voice cables, or even facility pipes are organized distributed and extended.
Extension of cables to any point of furniture, partition, and workstation is unlimited.
Maintenance costs can be neglected.
Pedestals are not glued to the ground.  Removal of pedestals will not damage the ground. In the event of re-location, all components are re-usable.
CamassCrete system photo
CamassCrete in office photo
Self-stand UniPanel (main panel) connecting by Base Connector to form the Cable Trenches. The Base Connectors and Pedestals are not glued to the sub-floor and not causing damage to the sub-floor. The unique composition of UniPanels and Base Connectors provide maximum cable capacity and systematic cable routing, extension and connection.
CamassCrete System

CamassCrete is composed of 4 main components:
UniPanel(main panel), Based Connector, Central Cap and Flank Cap.

CamassCrete System

Module set
: 600 mm x 600 mm (23.62” x 23.62”) per module set.
Each module set includes 1 UniPanel,1 Base Connector, 1 Central Cap and 4 Flank Caps.

UniPanel(main panel): Size 510 mm X 510 mm (20.07” sq.)
Steel in-filled with light weight cement, powder coating. Four grooves at side of the panel to secure locking by Flank Cap. Factory assembled pedestals fixed at four corners of the panel. Due to the four built-in pedestals, UniPanel is self-stand and extraordinary stable and safety.
Base Connector: To connect UniPanels's pedestals, and automatically forms the standard-distance Cable Trenches.
Central Cap: To install on intersection of Cable Trenches.
Flank Cap: To install on Cable Trenches. Bent at side of cap to form u-shape flange which enable securely locking at grooves of the UniPanel.

Interlocking System: To install, use Base Connector to connect UniPanel's pedestal. Connecting the UniPanels is easy, no gluing, no nailing nor drilling required. Continuous connection of UniPanels, standard-distance grid-form Cable Trenches formed automatically.

Grid-form Cable Trench Systems:
Reticulated grid-form cable trench system provide large cable capacity and easy routing while retains maximum ceiling height.

Specialist of Low-Profile installation
There are two height section:
CS1000W Low-Profile: Installation height from 76 mm (3”) ~ 150 mm (6”).

CS1000A Super Low-Profile: Installation height at 40 mm (1.57”) 60 mm (2.36”).
CamassCrete system Unipanel photo
UniPanel with 4 built-in Pedestals
CamassCrete system central cap and flank cap photo
Base Central Cap Flank Cap Connector
CamassCrete system base connector with pedestals photo
Base Connector connects pedestals forming low-profile 76~150 mm
CamassCrete system photo
Super low-profile 40~60 mm
CamassCrete system Case Study photo
Cables routing inside the Cable Trenches and extending through any point of the interiors
CamassCrete system Case Study photo
CamassCrete facilitates neat, efficient environment. Unlimited cable highway networked underneath
Height adjustment: Self-stand UniPanel

Where there is floor deviation, impact noise might be caused by tip of pedestals. Adjust the pedestals to eliminate noise and deviations...

I. CamassCrete CS1000W Low-Profile

CS1000W-76 / CS1000W-100 / CS1000W-150
Cable Trench Capacity by different heights
Inside width: 110 mm (4.33”)
Clearance: System height minus 12 mm
System System height Cable Trench width Cable Trench clearance
CS1000W-76 76 mm (3.0”) 110 mm (4.33”) 64 mm (2.51”)
CS1000W-100 100 mm (4.0”) 110 mm (4.33”) 88 mm (3.46”)
150 mm (6.0”) 110 mm (4.33”) 138 mm (5.43”)
CS1000W-200 200 mm (8.0”) 110 mm (4.33”) 188 mm (7.40”)
Set-Screw Locking System for Super Low-Profile installation

Step 1: Loose the lock-nut

apply the 17 mm wrench to loose the lock-nut at bottom of the pedestal by counter-clockwise
CamassCrete system installation photo 1
CamassCrete system installation tool photo 1

Step 2: Adjust height

apply the 4 mm hex key wrench, stretch at the hex hole at top of the pedestal, to adjust height from top.
CamassCrete system installation photo 2
CamassCrete system installation tool photo 2

Step 3: To fasten

use the 17 mm wrench again, to fasten the lock-nut by clockwise.
CamassCrete system installation photo 3
CamassCrete system installation tool photo 3

II. CamassCrete CS1000W Super Low-Profile

CS1000W-40 / CS1000W-50 / CS1000W-60 Series
Super-Low Cable Highway  ------  Can only be built by Netfloor Systems
Cable Trench Capacity by different heights
Inside width: 110 mm (4.33”)
Clearance: System height minus 12 mm
CamassCrete system  photo
CS1000W-40 to install at 40 mm high 28 mm clearance in Cable Trenches
System System height Cable Trench width Cable Trench clearance
CS1000W-40 40 mm (1.57”) 110 mm (4.33”) 28 mm (1.10”)
CS1000W-50 50 mm (2.36”) 110 mm (4.33”) 38 mm (1.50”)
CS1000W-60 60 mm (2.36”) 110 mm (4.33”) 48 mm (1.89”)

Step 2: To adjust height from top

Use the 4 mm hex key wrench, Stretch trough the Set-Screw, Insert at hex hole at top of the
Pedestal, then adjust height.
CamassCrete system installation photo 2
CamassCrete system installation tool photo 2

Step 3: To fasten

After Step 2 height adjustment, apply the 5 mm hex key wrench to lock by clockwise
CamassCrete system installation photo 3
CamassCrete system installation tool photo 3
Cable Routing and Extension

The grid-pattern cable trench system provides systematic, easy routing and extension of cables.
The trench caps to cover the cable trenches shall be installed before or after routing of cables. As
all UniPanels are self-standing, lifting or replacing of trench caps are safe, convenient and without
resorting to special tools.

Cable Influx and routing

In case of extra large inflow, cable may enter through the reserved space under the UniPanel. Then, distribute through the reticulated Cable Trenches in good order.

Cable extension

Cables extend through (Flank Cap with 60 mm diameter opening) and connect at wall base, half-height or full-height partition, desk top, and etc.
CamassCrete system cable extension photo
CamassCrete system cable extension photo
SE603 Outlet Service Box
Installing at the Cable Trenches
using for 60 mm height and higher : Netfloor outlet service
box SE603 Installed at Cable Trench by replacing one
Flank Cap. SE603 accommodates 2 power sockets and 3
data jacks.

Large outlet box
To accommodate larger size outlet box, Outlet-Panel is custom-made by cutting partial of UniPanel at required size (count in the 90 mm width at Cable Trench) to fix at all internationally recognized brand's as Britmac, Spider, AMP, and etc.
CamassCrete system floorbox photo
CamassCrete system floorbox photo
To accommodate large size floor box - Cut at side of the panel (count in the Cable Trench width) and installed at the trench.
CamassCrete system office photo
CamassCrete installed in education institute and library. Accommodate all types international brands' floor box
Ramp and Skirting

Ramp: Length of ramp minimum 12 times to the floor height.

Skirting: Letter F-shape aluminum skirting is available in
5 standard heights 4, 5, 6, 7.6 and 10 cm.

Ramp Rail: Aluminum Ramp Rail to Install horizontally at
adjacent line of UniPanel and Ramp.
CamassCrete system Ramp photo
Low-Profile Access Floor
ECO system

Low-Profile FFH 40, 50, 60, 70 mm
LEED Compliance
100% re-usable, 100% recyclable
Low-Profile Access Floor
Camass system

Full-Steel Low-Profile Access Floor
Grid-Pattern Cable Trenches
100% re-usable, 100% recyclable
Low-profile Access Floor
Grand square photo
Grand Square

Low-Profile FFH 40, 60 mm
LEED Compliance
100% re-usable, 100% recyclable